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  • The Disability Resources Center
  • Steps to Register for Accommodations

    1.  Contact us at Disability.Resources@pueblocc.edu or (719)549-3446 to set up an appointment for accommodations for the following:
    • Accuplacer Test
    • PCC Courses (on campus or online)
    • i-Grad Prep Program
    • GED Prep Classes
    • Special Interest Courses offered through PCC
      Extension campus students can request a phone appointment (719) 549-3446

    2.  Bring any relevant documentation to help us understand how to best accommodate you.

    3.  DRC staff will create a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) which lists the appropriate and reasonable accommodations needed for each course or program

    4.  Share the LOA with your instructor or program staff to obtain their signature to ensure these accommodations will be provided in a timely fashion.

    5.  Turn in LOA  to the DRC with signatures of all parties (student, instructor & DRC Staff)

    6.  Be sure to sign up for accommodations each semester, if needed.