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Why PCC?

  • Small class sizes with hands-on instruction
  • Career-ready courses in production, technology and innovation agriculture
  • Potential internships with agricultural businesses in Southwest Colorado
  • Pathways to continue to an undergraduate degree with CSU in less time and cost savings

What will I learn?

Students receive an agriculture education that prepares them to attain a career in an ever-changing environment of production agriculture, animal science and agricultural technology. Learn from agricultural experts in academic and field settings close to home in Southwest Colorado.

Agricultural challenges will continue to face farmers and ranchers in a changing climate with increased demand for water resources, pest and pathogen pressures and population growth. These challenges will require food, fiber and animal production farmers to expand their knowledge in available technologies and methods of agricultural practices to take our society into a sustainable future.

Available Course Offerings:

ASC 100 – Intro to Animal Science

Studies the basic fundamentals of livestock production pertaining to principles of breeding, genetics, nutrition, health, and physiology of beef, sheep, swine, dairy, and horses. Focuses on the animal science industry in general and each species industry in regard to history, current situation, and future direction. Students in ASC 100 will learn about different species of livestock including beef, sheep, swine, dairy and horses; and a broad range of principles including breeding, genetics, nutrition, health, and physiology.

AGB 102 – Foundations of Agri-business

Focuses on the foundational aspects of the primary agriculture business areas including economics, management, marketing, sales and finance in an applied manner. Current events in agriculture are discussed with emphasis on application to agribusiness. Students in AGB 102 will focus on applied business management topics and they will create a business plan of their own during the course.

CIS 118 - Intro to PC Applications

Introduces basic computer terminology, file management and PC system components. Provides an overview of office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation graphics. Includes the use of a web browser to access the Internet.

Degree & Certificate Offerings in Agriculture:

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