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  • Angelina & Antonio CarreroCarreros walking
    Early Childhood Education

    "PCC will make time for you. It’s so open and convenient."

    Angelina and Antonio Carrero are a team in life and at PCC.

    The married couple is graduating together with their Associate of Applied Science degrees in Early Childhood Education. They also earned Director certificates that can qualify them to operate a child care facility.

    Angelina and Antonio accomplished this while running their own licensed in-home day care, working additional outside jobs, and parenting their three young children. Antonio also coaches his son’s traveling baseball team.

    Does that sound like too much even without the added workload of college classes? The Carreros say otherwise – and they urge others to make the jump.

    “If someone is so busy that they think they don’t have time (for school) – PCC will make time for you,” said Antonio. “It’s so open and so convenient.”

    “The instructors will work with you,” Angelina added. “Take an online course to start (if you’re not sure). That was really helpful for me.”

    Attending school with each other and having most of their classes together also was beneficial. With their PCC careers about to conclude, the Carreros’ goal is to expand from their current day care to operating their own child care center – together, of course.

    “We really help each other out,” Antonio said of his wife. “We’re a good team.”