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  • Senior Mini-College Dedication
  • Dr. Shirley A. Squier

    Dr. Shirley A. Squier, founder of PCC Senior Mini College, is being honored with the dedication of the 33rd Senior Mini College of 2018.

    Dr. Squier, a Canon City resident, has been an advocate of learning in education, for all ages, throughout her career. With an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the Flint Branch of the University of Michigan, Masters and Specialists degrees in Guidance Counseling from Central Michigan University and a Doctorate of Philosophy majoring in Community College Administration from Colorado State University at Fort Collins. Dr. Shirley worked in many different arenas of education. She began as a 5thgrade teacher, middle school counselor, college counselor than the Director of Guidance at CCSS, and finally as a Director and administrator in higher education at PCC.

    Dr. Squier and her family relocated to Canon City in 1981 and began working at the Canon City High School as a Guidance Counselor, later, the Director of Guidance. During that time, Pueblo Community College- Fremont Campus which was then called the Canon City Center of PCC,  and was housed at the Abbey. In November of 1984, Dr. Squier was hired as the Director of the PCC Assessment Center and, a year later, as the Director of the Canon City Center, which is now known as the Dean’s position at PCC- Fremont Campus.

    While serving as the Director, Dr. Squier was presented with the information that the Abbey and surrounding land was being prospected by the Federal Bureau of Prisons for purchase. Dr. Squier, along with a large contingent of Fremont County citizens gathered together and raised over $100,000 to purchase land in Florence, Colorado. This land is now where the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons Complex is located. 

    During her career at PCC from 1984-1996, Dr. Squier helped create and implement programs that are still active today. One of those beloved programs is the Senior Mini College. Dr. Squier, associate PCC colleague, Eloise Phelps, the Canon City Daily Record, and St. Thomas Moore had a vision of creating small classes for seniors.  The first year they implemented the program, their goal was to fill the parking lot with cars filled with Senior Citizens.  Those who were familiar to the Abbey and Canon City Center knew that this was a big undertaking.

    With an intended enrollment of a 100 senior students, Dr. Squier set the bar high. They were close, having 92 students for their first year. However, they never had a problem making it past 100 students every year after that. Today enrollment stands between 280-320 students.

    Spring Break is now a known home to adult learners on the PCC Fremont Campus, thanks to Dr. Squier who has dedicated her life to serving students of all ages. She has always believed in the life-long learning concept and practice.

    Married for 52 years, Dr. Squier and her husband Terry, still reside in Canon City, CO. Their two children, Sherry Allen and Michael Squier and four grandchildren live outside the state of Colorado. Dr. Squier was one of the key organizers of Mountain View Core Knowledge School and served as the Administrator of the school for four years. Today she serves on the PCC Fremont Advisory Committee Board and The PCC Fremont Hall of Fame Committee. She was one of the   organizers and serves on the Fremont Exceptional Women (F.E.W.) committee and the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative committee.  She is an active member of Christ Episcopal Church, serving on numerous committees. Her contributions to education in Fremont County deserve to be recognized. PCC and the Fremont Senior Mini College Board, are honored to present this year’s Senior Mini College dedication to Dr. Shirley Squier.