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  • Senior Mini-College Dedication
  • Gordon BellThis year the Senior Mini College Advisory Committee choose to dedicate the 2017 program to Gordon Bell. This year’s recipient has been an employee of the college since 2002 when he began as groundskeeper at the Fremont Campus.  There is no question that this is one of the most respected members of the Fremont Campus and his skills are widely recognized. 

    Gordon serves as a member of the Fremont Campus Safety Committee, Senior Mini-College Committee, and the Crossroads Through Time Committee.   

    The pride he takes in maintaining the facilities is extremely obvious to anyone visiting the campus.  In fact, Garden Clubs and horticulturists from across the region plan visits to the campus to study his techniques and talk to him about the campus vegetation and landscaping.  His holiday light displays are becoming the highlight of the holiday season that draws many students and community members and their families.   When he is involved in any project or event, there is a higher level of energy that attracts and inspires others.

    Prior to coming to PCC, he worked for various employers including U.S. Soil, Rocky Mountain Boys Ranch, U.S. Forest Service, The Abbey, and his own small business, Sweetwater Landscaping.

    A Salida native who graduated from Salida High School and then went on to complete an associate degree, along with a certified welding degree from Colorado Mountain College and a bachelor’s degree from Fort Lewis College.    He is married and has three children, ages 29, 22 and 13.  In is free time he enjoys horticulture, hunting, fishing, rock hounding, arrowhead hunting and exploring the antique malls and shops. 

    He spent 17 days in China while adopting his youngest daughter.  This experience allowed him to see firsthand how lucky and fortunate we are to be Americans and living in this great country, which he wants us to know we should never take for granted.

    Recognized as someone who has become all things to all people at the Fremont Campus while always maintaining a positive and helpful attitude.  He does an amazing job of managing the facilities that create both a supportive learning environment in the classrooms and a refuge outside that is pleasant and therapeutic, allowing students to relax and recharge.  He also plays a key role in the planning and coordination of multiple events. 

    He always includes his student employees in campus events and encourages them to celebrate their success.  He helps to plan the Outstanding Student Recognition Ceremony at the Fremont Campus, ensuring its success.  The best example of how he inspires students is that former student employees identify him as one of the main reasons they were able to persevere and graduate.

    One of the key events that Gordon assists with, both in planning and facilitating, is the Senior Mini-College.  This brings hundreds of senior citizens to the campus.  Through his preplanning and forethought, seniors with many different needs are able to participate safely and comfortably.  He serves the many participants with a smile and responds to their every need and request. He not only ensures the facilities are ready, he is an instructor for the event as well.