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  • Culinary Arts
  • Fast Facts

    Program Start Term: Fall & Spring Semester

    Award: AAS & Certificate

    Average Class Size: 12

    Program Length: 4 Full-time Semesters

    Part-Time or Full-Time: Both

    Course Availability: Day & Evening Classes

    Program Locations: Pueblo

  • “In all professions without doubt, but certainly in cooking one is a student all his life.” –Fernand Point

    Hospitality Studies Mission Statement:
    Providing a diverse environment that prepares marketable professionals with a comprehensive education that develops a culture of personal and professional growth.

    Hospitality Studies Values:
    Professionalism  |  Diversity  |  Respect

    1 to 11 instructor to student ratio, 4 semesters to complete an AAS degree, 25% Long-term projected job growth over the next 10 years for the food service industry.” (CO. Department of Labor)

    Career Information
    Cook or Head Chef entry level $30,621.00; experienced $55,529.00
    First-Line Supervisors/Managers entry level $23,300.00 experienced $32,783.00
    Hosts and Hostesses entry level $17,017.00 experienced $18,510.00

    What Will I Learn?

    “I tell a student that the most important class you can take is technique. A great chef is first a great technician. If you are a jeweler, or a surgeon or a cook, you have to know the trade in your hand. You have to learn the process. You learn it through endless repetition until it belongs to you.” –Jacques Pepin

    Culinary Arts majors can chooses between a Production or Management track for their degree. Many of the core classes are the same, introducing students to the basics of cooking technique, planning, safety, and management of staff and operations.

    All Culinary Arts Majors take the following:
    HOS 105: Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry
    CUA 101: Food Safety & Sanitation
    CUA 125: Introduction to Foods
    CUA 129: Center of the Plate
    CUA 233: Advanced Line Prep and Cookery
    CUA 157: Menu Planning
    CUA 190 Dining Room Management
    CUA 255: Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
    CUA 261 Cost Controls
    CUA 281: Internship

    All Culinary Arts PRODUCTION majors also take:
    CUA 145: Introduction to Baking
    CUA 236: Advanced Baking
    CUA 210: Advanced Garde Manger
    CUA 234: Advanced Line Planning

    All Culinary Arts MANAGEMENT majors also take:
    CUA 136: Alcohol & Bartending Management
    CUA 154: Introduction to the Business of Catering
    CUA 262: Purchasing for the Hospitality Industry
    HOS 131: Special Event Planning

    Curriculum Maps
    Culinary Arts Management AAS
    Culinary Arts Production AAS
    Beginning Production & Baking Certificate
    Intermediate Production & Baking Certificate
    Dining Services Certificate

    Our Experienced Faculty
    The PCC Culinary Arts instructional staff combines a total of over 220 years of industry and teaching experience.  Some of the industry experience includes international work in Europe, military food production, institutional food service management, haute cuisine and various other instructional and management work situations. With a combination of experienced full time faculty and exciting/talented part time instructors, the teaching team brings challenge and talent to the classroom every day. To learn more about our faculty, read their bios.

    Our Cutting Edge Program
    Our Culinary Arts program is one of the few in the state of Colorado that is accredited by the American Culinary Federation, and only one of two with an Exemplary rating. To achieve this distinction PCC has to meet or exceed all requirements for chef instructions and production expectations endorsed by the ACF. Many of our courses are also part of the National Restaurant Association's ManageFirst Program. Students take national exams which lead to national certificates in up to 10 different courses. 

    Gainful Employment Data
    Beginning Production and Baking  
    Dining Service
    Hospitality Sales and Marketing
    Intermediate Production Certificate