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  • PCC announces summer 2020 honors list

    The following Pueblo Community College students have earned recognition on the summer 2020 honors list due to their academic excellence.

    Honors levels are president’s list (4.000 GPA), vice president’s list (3.750-3.999) and dean’s list (3.500-3.749). GPAs are calculated to three decimal places.

    The list includes students from all PCC locations who were enrolled in 12 or more graded credits in summer 2020. Graded credits are classes that are set up with the A-F grade mode. Classes that are graded with satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S and U) and developmental course (S/A, S/B, etc.) grade modes are not counted in the 12 or more graded credits requirement.

    Students may contact the Records Office at 719-549-3016 or 719-549-3039 with any questions about the honors list.

    President’s List (4.0 GPA)
    Shelly Chavez, Nicole Ellis, Alix Gillen, Bruna Kennedy, Kristeen King, Duane Lau, Victor Ramirez, Gary Ramirez-Martinez, Katie Richardson, Megan Rivera-Howard, Caynon Self, Jordan Smith, Parker Stephens, Linda Walker, Sha'Wana Wofford, Cynthia Zarges

    Vice President’s List (3.750 to 3.999)
    Heaven Haddock, Christy Harrington

    Dean’s List (3.500 to 3.749)
    Danielle Austin, Cassidy Bonse, Ethan Cain, Ambrosia Chaparro, Kayla Lucero, Maddie Mills, Daniel Nelson, Wade Sadler, Sherry Vigil, Rebecca Zoller

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