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  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Meet the 2017-2018 Pueblo Campus Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassador - Beau Leal 

    Beau Leal

    Beau Leal is currently an undergraduate working on an AA in Psychology. His ultimate goal is to earn a doctoral degree in Psychology and eventually enter the field as an Experimental Psychologist. Beau is a devoted father, a loyal husband, and a proud student of Pueblo Community College. He has an inimitable devotion to his education and strives to help others take advantage of the opportunities he feels so lucky to have.

    Beau can be contacted at Beau.Leal@pueblocc.edu.

    Student Ambassador - Erika Springer

    Erika Springer

    Erika is a new student ambassador who moved to Colorado in 2010 with her son.

    After several years in Pueblo/Pueblo West, while working small jobs here and there, she realized they were leading her nowhere. She decided to attend PCC to make a change towards a better life for her and her family. Her compassion for others is one of the many qualities that she possesses. She enjoys listening and offering advice when given the opportunity. She is very personable and always smiling.

    Her goal at PCC, and in life, is to be the very best that she can be and be encouraging to all the people she meets.

    Erika can be contacted at Erika.Springer@pueblocc.edu.

    Student Ambassador - Hannah Hart-Haver

    Hannah Hart-Haver

    Hannah Hart-Haver is a returning Student Ambassador. She is currently pursuing a degree in Medical Assisting. She will be graduating in May 2018 and plans to start her health career shortly after. Hannah is excited to continue helping people take that first step to changing their lives.

    You can reach Hannah at Hannah.Hart-Haver@pueblocc.edu.
    Student Ambassador - Megan Home

    Megan Home

    Student Ambassador Megan Home moved to Colorado from Seattle in January 2016, so she is always excited to meet new people and discover new things about Pueblo! She is currently working towards her Business Management Degree with an emphasis on Human Resources. She loves working with people and helping them solve problems, so being a Student Ambassador has been extremely rewarding and beneficial. She is thrilled to continue her work here at PCC.

    Megan can be reached at Megan.Home@pueblocc.edu. 

    Student Ambassador - Santiago Villegas-Mondragon

    Santiago Villegas-Mondragon

    Santiago Villegas-Mondragon is a new Student Ambassador as of 2017 and was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. Santiago has always loved Pueblo and loves working with people of Pueblo every day. Santiago is beginning his college career and will attain his Associate of Arts in 2018. He is planning on a career in the Nursing field. 

    You can contact Santiago at Santiago.Villegas-Mondragon@pueblocc.edu.