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  • The Disability Resources Center
  • Types of Accommodations

    Disability Resources staff will determine the appropriate accommodations for each student based on documentation of disability.

    Classroom Accommodations

    Classroom notes:

    • Audio recorded class lectures: student then transcribes notes for him/herself
    • Volunteer Note Taker (via 20/20 pen, large lined note paper or NCR paper)
    • Notes/handouts transcribed in Braille

    Alternate Text Formats:

    • Books available on audio CD, loaded on student’s MP3 Player, or in electronic format
    • Braille text with embossed/tactile images
    • Magnifier for reading text
    • Enlarged handouts or tests

    Accommodations for taking tests:

    • Test is read to student by screen reader (JAWS) or a staff person
    • Test is enlarged
    • Test is Braille
    • Test is on audio CD
    • Test is taken with extended time limit
    • Test is given in a distraction reduced environment
    • Test answers are written by a scribe (student dictates what is to be written)

    Service Providers:

    • Sign Language Interpreter
    • Classroom Aide
    • Volunteer Note Taker
    • Reader and/or Scribe

    Ergonomic Needs:

    • Ergonomic keyboards
    • Ergonomic chairs
    • Ergonomic wrist pads
    • Ergonomic mice

    Tutoring is not recognized by the ADA as an accommodation, but ALL students can receive tutorial assistance through the Learning Center.