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  • The Disability Resources Center
  • Student Rights:

    Students with Disabilities have rights granted by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  These laws provide students with the following rights at college:

    • The right to equal access to post-secondary education

    • The right to non-discrimination

    • The right to appropriate and reasonable accommodations based on each student’s individual disability and how it affects learning

    • The right to have information about the student’s disability kept confidential

    • The right to request a copy of the Disability Resource Center’s policies and procedures at any time.

    Student Responsibilities:

    Students with disabilities who are receiving accommodations for their disabilities have the following responsibilities

    • The responsibility to provide the Disability Resources Center with appropriate disability documentation when requested, to help us determine how to best accommodate you

    • The responsibility to meet with the Disability Resources Advisor or Coordinator before the beginning of each semester during which you wish to receive accommodations

    • The responsibility to meet the academic and conduct standards at Pueblo Community College

    • The responsibility to be courteous and respectful to all PCC students, faculty and staff

    • The responsibility to notify our office if you feel your accommodations are not being reasonably met 

    • The responsibility to follow up with your instructor on a regular basis to verify your current class standing

    • The responsibility to notify our office if you are currently at a low “C” level or below in any of your courses.