Culinary Arts: Community Partnerships

Graphic representing the 3 criteria of any partnership: the students, the program, and the college

Interested in forming a partnership with PCC Culinary Arts? 

Our program is involved with many community initiatives and we partner with several organizations to create new Learning Labs and unique opportunities for students. Due to high demand, we have set forth the following criteria for forming a partnership with the PCC Culinary Arts program:

Criteria for forming new partnerships and events must benefit:

  • Students: The event or partnership must first and foremost bring a benefit to our PCC Culinary Arts students. This might be a financial benefit such as a scholarship or grant, or a unique learning opportunity.
  • PCC Culinary Arts Program: The event or initiative must benefit the program as a whole. This might look like funding future initiatives, bringing in new equipment, or providing an avenue for marketing, etc.
  • Pueblo Community College: The partnership must benefit the institution of PCC. Examples include increasing student enrollment
    or retention and aligning the initiative with our Strategic Imperatives.

All Partnerships are evaluated on a case by case basis and must be approved by the Director of Hospitality & Culinary Arts.