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  • The Disability Resources Center
  • Assistive Technology (Equipment & Courses)

    Assistive Technology (AT) includes hardware and/or software that will give a student with a disability equal access to a computer or classroom.  AT assists individuals who have a visual or hearing impairment, brain injuries, orthopedic issues, or learning disabilities.  AT available at PCC includes but is not limited to:


    • Kurzweil 3000 – word prediction software to help with writing and spelling
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking – voice recognition software in place of keyboarding
    • Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor – helps student learn keyboarding skills
    • JAWS – auditory screen reader software
    • Zoom Text – screen magnifying software


    • Dvorak, Half-QWERTY, and Ergonomic Keyboards – alternate configuration keyboards for orthopedic needs
    • Track ball mouse & TrackMan mouse – Ergonomic input device for limited fine motor needs.
    • IntelliKeys – adjustable response keyboard for limited motor skills
    • 25” CCTV – large monitor display for low vision

    Disability Resources offers college credit courses in the use of computer assistive technology, available to students with disabilities or students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Program.  The AT Classroom/Lab is available to students once they have completed their AT courses. Students interested in Assistive Technology courses should contact the Disability Resources Center for further details (719) 549-3446.