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    Published by:
    Director of Student and Judicial Affairs Office

    Handbook Editor:
    Dennis Trujillo Johnson
    Director of Student and Judicial Affairs

    Administrative Assistant:
    Shirley D. Carey

    900 W. Orman Ave.
    Student Center, Room 241

  • Click here to download the Student Handbook (PDF)

    This publication supersedes any previously published Pueblo Community College Student Handbooks and will remain in effect until September 30, 2018, or until a new addition of the Student and book is published. If information changes, students will be notified through an addendum, written communication, or a new publication. It is to be understood that any item is subject to modification at any time by proper administrative procedure. 

    Copyright © 2017 by Pueblo Community College, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
    First Printing of the 2017-2018 Edition – September 2018

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