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  • ID Cards, Parking and Vehicle Registration
  • Contact Us

    Student ID & Parking Office
    Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Pueblo Campus
    Welcome Desk
    Student Center (First Floor)

    Fremont Campus

    Southwest Colorado Community College

    PCC Dept. of Public Safety
    Student Center, Room 152
    Phone: 719-549-3355
    Cell: 719-821-6563

  • Identification Cards

    Students will be issued a PCC Panther One (ID) Card after they have registered for classes. The identification card will be required for identification at student sponsored events and in various offices at PCC.  Faculty and Staff will also be able to obtain a PCC Panther One (ID) card once they have completed the new hire process through Human Resources.

    The Panther One Card will be required at all campus locations, to include the Main Campus, Southwest Campuses, and the Fremont Campus

    All first-time students will be assessed a one time I.D. Card fee during the first semester they attend. The only time that students will be charged any additional fees is if the card is lost or needs to be replaced.

    Vehicle Registration

    All persons using the PCC on-campus parking facilities must have a valid parking permit for their vehicles. All students, faculty, and staff must register their cars with the PCC Welcome and Information Center (located in the Student Center). Parking decals are valid as long as the student is enrolled at Pueblo Community College. Validation tags must be renewed each semester.

    Any outstanding parking tickets that have not been cleared through the Student Center & Auxiliary Services Office will prevent students from re-enrolling or receiving their certificates or degrees. Parking tickets not cleared within fifteen (15) days of issuance will incur an additional charge.

    Parking Tickets

    The Campus Ticket Appeals Board reviews tickets which may have been issued in error or for which extenuating circumstances may warrant special consideration. Any individual who wishes to pursue this avenue of appeal should report to the Student Center & Auxiliary Services Office within seven (7) days of having received the ticket and complete the Appeal form.  Appeal forms are available in the Office of Public Safety and the Student Center & Auxiliary Services Office or the link on the right.

    Parking Ticket Appeal Form


    Student parking is indicated by white lines.  Faculty & Staff parking is indicated by orange lines.  Motorcycles are to use specially marked areas.  It is the responsibility of all persons using campus parking to register their vehicles and to be aware of the regulations. The College’s vehicle parking and vehicle regulations are available in the Welcome and Information Center (located in the Student Center) or the link on the left.