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  • President's Leadership Program
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    President's Leadership Program

    Eligible participants will be:

    • Incoming first-time, full-time PCC students

    • Who have achieved a 3.2 or higher GPA in high school

    • Have demonstrated outstanding extracurricular involvement, volunteerism and/or successful work experience.

    The PCC PLP is a four-semester program that includes two required core leadership courses totaling six credit hours and two elective courses (also worth six credit hours) that the student selects from a wide choice of academic courses at offered at PCC. The two required courses are “Foundations of Leadership” (Management 175) and “Leadership” (Management 224). PCC students who successfully complete their degree program as specified are also eligible to apply for a Destination CSU-Pueblo scholarship. CSU-Pueblo guarantees the transfer of credit from PCC’s two core leadership courses and all electives with a grade of C minus or better in each class associated with the President’s Leadership Program.

    Other requirements of the initiative are attendance/participation in and/or planning of:

    • Student leadership retreats

    • New Student Orientation session

    • Campus club or organization

    • Community service projects, including a collaboration with CSU-Pueblo’s PLP

    • Leadership conference and seminars

    • Social or education campus event in collaboration with CSU-Pueblo’s PLP

    Paramount in the program goals is to foster the development of a student’s:

    • Personal leadership skills

    • Critical thinking

    • Knowledge of leadership theory

    • Civic engagement

    • Appreciation for diversity