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  • Panther Spotlight
  • Vincent Ramos

    Vincent Ramos
    Electromechanical Technology student

    “Technology plays a major role in education today and the Return to Earn scholarship made it possible for me to gain the technological resources necessary to succeed in the classroom."

    When he was just five credits shy of earning his degree at PCC, Vincent became gravely ill. His health became his sole focus. School – and work – were no longer options.

    Thankfully, after several years, Vincent recovered. Once he was able, completing the Electromechanical Technology program and earning his diploma once again became his priority. Through the Return to Earn scholarship program, he was able to do just that – and he graduated from PCC on the same day as his daughter.

    “This will be an example for all of our family to see and hopefully generate interest among our young to become PCC students like my daughter and (me),” said Vincent.