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  • Panther Spotlight

  • Rilee Conci
    Fremont Campus Nursing Student
    Rilee Conci Spotlight

    “I’m so thankful I started. That was the hardest part.”

    Perseverance matters.

    Rilee has wanted to be a nurse for as long as she can remember. She enrolled at PCC’s Pueblo campus in 2008, at the beginning of her senior year in high school, to take her general education and nursing prerequisite courses.

    Though she was only able to take a few classes at a time and couldn’t attend every semester, she kept going. In 2015, Rilee gave birth to her daughter; online classes kept her moving toward her goal as she adjusted to motherhood.

    In January 2017, she was accepted into the nursing program at the Fremont campus. She’ll graduate in May 2019.

    “I often joke about how long it has taken me – 11 years by the time I graduate,” she said.

    Since she’s gotten this far, why stop now?

    “Once it’s available (in fall 2019), I plan to receive my bachelor’s degree in nursing through PCC, as well,” she said.