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  • Campus Safety Information
  • Campus Safety Information

    Each individual must recognize the need to take the necessary precautions to prevent incidents of crime against themselves or other members of the Pueblo Community College campus.

    Take every step to assure that you follow safe practices while on the PCC campus.

    • If you approach your car during the evening hours, make a visible check of your car’s interior before you get into your car.
    • Walk in well-lit areas.
    • Be cautious with people you meet for the first time.
    • Don’t leave campus with someone you don’t really know.
    • Don’t leave purses or backpacks unattended.
    • If a person’s behavior is threatening to you, do not hesitate to contact the PCC Department of Public Safety or a PCC administrator.
    • Secure all valuables in vehicles out of sight.  Many “smash-and- grab” thieves act on impulse, so please keep all your belongings out of plain view.
    • Lock all vehicle doors when unattended even sunroofs.  Almost one-fourth of thefts from vehicles were from unlocked doors.
    • Activate your vehicle’s alarm if you have one.
    • Place your valuables in your trunk prior to parking.  Thieves maybe watching you in the parking lot.
    • After placing your belongings in your trunk also hide your cell phone, MP3, Radar Detectors, or any other electronic devices.                               
    • Be aware of your surroundings!
    • Know where and how to use PCC’s Emergency Blue Phones in case of an emergency.
    •  Have the number to PCC’s Public Safety Department programmed into your cell phones (719) 549-3355. 
    • During the evening park close to a building entrance.
    • If you feel unsafe, have an Officer escort you to your vehicle.