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  • Student Activities Board
  • Student Activities Board

    The purpose of student organizations at Pueblo Community College is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Every Panther student has the opportunity to become involved in campus organizations!

    Who we are:

    S.A.B. will be comprised of 15 members (current students with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and in good standing at PCC). The members will hold office for one year and receive a stipend at the end of each semester. 

    What we do:

    We aim to enhance the college experience by providing students and other members of the campus and local communities with entertaining, educational, and enriching programs that are reflective of contemporary issues and trends 

    Guiding Principles

    A wide range of activities will meet the diverse interests and abilities of students.
    Every student is unique. The PCC Student Activities Board offers hundreds of events and programs each semester to meet the diverse interests and abilities of students. These activities take place across six areas of Activities including Service, Outdoor, Sports, Talent, Social and Fitness. Each area offers different categories of programs and events that appeal to students with all kinds of backgrounds and interests. With so many options, students experience new things or continue to enjoy favorite activities.

    Students are the participants rather than the spectators.
    Instead of just watching things happen, students at PCC have the opportunity to be actively involved in events and programs across many areas of interest. Whether it’s performing in a music concert, leading a service activity, playing competitive football, enjoying a rafting trip for the first time or filling a challenging leadership position, students get to participate in ways that allow them to be involved instead of watching from the sidelines. Many times students get to experience something they never thought they would be able to try.

    Participants have the opportunity to act rather than be acted upon.
    In Student Activities Board, students are in the driver’s seat. From choosing to simply enjoy worthwhile events, to using talents to teach other students, Activities is about learning the power of individual action. In other words, participants have the opportunity to learn the principle “act rather than be acted upon.” The program is developed to enable students take the lead in making choices, creating new things, struggling with and solving problems and making things happen. Students learn how powerful ‘acting for themselves’ can be.

    Participants will develop personal and spiritual qualities that prepare them for life.
    There is more to Activities than events and programs. In fact, something happens to students when they get involved in building and participating in something great. They have the opportunity to see and develop strengths, rely upon the Lord for guidance and, in many cases, receive as much as they give. Such experiences help develop an individual into somebody who is better prepared for church service, professional life, family responsibilities and civic involvement. In other words, in the PCC Student Activities Board, participants will develop personal and spiritual qualities that prepare them for life.

    We're always looking for new ideas! If there is something that you'd like to see on campus, let us know!

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