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  • Department of Public Safety
  • Restraining Orders

    When the Pueblo Community College Department of Public Safety receives a lawful restraining order from a victim or offender, the restraining order is copied and filed and kept in a secure/ locked cabinet in the DPS office. If the Restraining order is a temporary, the person dropping off the restraining order is advised to bring another copy of the restraining if a permanent restraining order is issued. The Department of Public Safety Police is authorized to confirm restraining orders with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office prior to taking any actions involving restraining orders. When the issue of two individuals who have restraining orders (victim or restrained) are authorized to be on campus, the DPS officers along with the Office of Student Success will work together to make scheduling accommodations for both parties to be on campus at different times or at least different buildings. The goal is to work with both individuals to make sure they both have the opportunity to succeed.