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  • Pueblo Community College Summer 2019 Honors List

    Congratulations to the Pueblo Community College students whose grades earned them a place on the summer 2019 honors list.

    Honors levels are president’s list (4.000 GPA), vice president’s list (3.750-3.999) and dean’s list (3.500-3.749). GPAs are calculated to three decimal places.

    The list includes students from all PCC locations who were enrolled in 12 or more graded credits in summer 2019. Graded credits are classes that are set up with the A-F grade mode. Classes that are graded with Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S and U) and Developmental Course (S/A, S/B, etc.) grade modes are not counted in the graded credits requirement.

    Students may direct questions about the honors list to the Records Office at 719-549-3016 or 719-549-3039.


    President’s List (4.0 GPA)

    Candice Aldaz, Mathew Berckefeldt, Ashley Castillo, Bradey Davenport, Payton Kline, Taylor Leyva, Nichole Lucero, John Morgan, Kierra Powers, Kellee Rassau, Trisha Ravenkamp, Branwyn Reeves, Morgan Turpin, Nelson Vialpando, Charles Vinson, Ryann Wadlington, Shannon Williams


    Vice President’s List (3.750 to 3.999 GPA)

    Gianna DeMoultrie, Braeden Hoppough, Britny Martinez, Maegan Perkins, Ian Romero, Maxwell Sheedy, Morgan Simms, Ashley VanDeventer


    Dean’s List (3.500 to 3.749 GPA)

    Anthony Baker, Cayden Camper, Michele Doyle, NyssaKim Duvick, Erin Fisher, Hunter Gonzales, Taylor Hoster, Samantha Pino, Matthew Sotelo, Sean Wilson

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