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  • PCC adds advanced paramedic bachelor’s degree

    Advanced Paramedic Practitioner - Press release

    PUEBLO – Pueblo Community College has received approval to offer a bachelor’s degree for first responders who want to further their careers as advanced paramedic practitioners.

    The two-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree completion program will begin this fall and is intended for those who already have an associate degree in paramedicine. Courses are fully online and clinical work that is required in the final semester can be completed where the student lives.

    “I’m excited to offer a degree that allows our paramedics to advance their practice and stay in the career they’ve worked so hard for,” said Dawnelle Mathis, chair of PCC’s EMS education department. “The advanced paramedic practitioner BAS will take the credit from your paramedic education and apply it to the bachelor’s program so you don’t have to start over.” 

    Recent legislative changes in the state extended the practice settings for EMTs and paramedics to any clinical health facility that is licensed or certified by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. This significantly expands the types of health care settings in which paramedics may practice.

    Thanks to another legislative change, students who have a four-year health science degree such as the advanced paramedic BAS are eligible to apply for licensure. Graduates also will be able to take the exams required for endorsement in the critical care and community paramedic areas.

    “The demand for paramedic practitioners is increasing annually,” said Mary Chavez, PCC’s dean of health and public safety. “We are well prepared to assist paramedics in advancing their education level along with expanding their knowledge base in the specialized areas of critical care, community paramedic and behavioral health.”

    Visit our advanced paramedic practitioner program webpage for more information.

    This will be PCC’s sixth bachelor degree completion program. BAS degrees also are offered in dental hygiene, nursing, radiologic technology, respiratory therapy and secure software development.

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