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  • Mentoring Programs
  • Student Mentoring Program

    Student mentoring programs at Pueblo Community College exist to provide support services which assist students in making social, academic, career, and personal decisions while promoting the improvement of academic success, persistence, and graduation of participating students. Mentoring activities will encourage academic excellence, self-esteem, and personal growth and engagement.

    Student Mentoring programs at PCC envisions a community in which our students experience empowering relationships and community networking that will drive them to develop into leaders, capable of becoming successful decision-makers as members of our community.


    • Recruit and maintain quality mentors, including those from our local community

    • Increase persistence rate for students enrolled in courses where mentors are assigned

    • Provide a comprehensive training program for mentors

    • Coordinate mentoring-related experiences on the Pueblo Community College campus that promote academic, personal and social growth

    • Promote development of academic and social skills necessary for college and career success.

    • Facilitate mentoring relationship for first-year students with a community mentor or student peer mentor

    • Create opportunities and experiences for first-year students that encourage participation in academic, social and cultural activities

    • Assist students form a more positive identification with Pueblo Community College by conveying genuine concern and care for them

    • Motivate and inspire student through moral and personal support

    • Contribute to the development of a strong self-concept and self-esteem of the first-year student

    • Provide a support system for Pueblo Community College students

    • Give Mentees an opportunity to give back to future students as future Peer Mentors