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  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Meet the 2018-2019 Pueblo Campus Student Ambassadors

    Jerod Young

    Jerod Young 

    Jerod is a growing extrovert, learning the importance of trying new things daily. This is his first year as a Student Ambassador. After being homeschooled his whole life, he decided to go to college, something he never thought he would do. Jerod is currently pursuing his AGS with a minor in Mass Commutations. He desires to pursue a career in videography, but is open to other options as he learns new things. Jerod loves working with people which is why he is a Student Ambassador. 

    Please contact Jerod at Jerod.Young@pueblocc.edu for enrollment help.

    Kiana Hernandez   

    Kiana Hernandez

    Kiana Hernandez is 19 years old, and is seeking a PCC degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Her friendly personality helps her motivate others to do their best in life and follow their dreams! She believes in the importance of treating everyone in a caring, loving, and accepting way.  Kiana is always determined to meet her goals and help others do the same. Let Kiana welcome you to the New Student Studio!

    You can email her at Kiana.Hernandez@pueblocc.edu.

    Student Ambassador - Leah Derrera

    Leah Derrera

    Leah is a first year Student Ambassador, mother of three, and Pueblo native. She is pursuing an Associate of Science degree and plans on continuing her education toward becoming an accredited dentist. “Everyone at PCC is so helpful, it’s like having a whole squad in my corner rooting for my success!” She loves being a Student Ambassador and helping people through the process of becoming PCC students and taking the first steps in transforming their lives.

    Leah returned to PCC twenty years after graduating from Pueblo East High School, proving it’s never too late to change your life. Leah’s life motto is “Stay positive!” She believes that if you stay positive, each bump in the road is only temporary, and smooth roads are ahead!

    Contact Leah at Leah.Derrera@pueblocc.edu.
    Lisa Malleck

    Lisa Malleck

    Lisa spent more than 15 years toiling in bars and restaurants. After permanently relocating to Colorado Springs with her significant other in July 2016, she decided it was her time to seek something more suited to her strengths and desire – helping people! Pueblo Community College was her first choice in returning to school for many reasons; Pueblo is home to a large part of her support system, PCC’s great affordability, and quality of education. PCC also offers her chosen program, Radiologic Technology, which she will be applying to in Spring 2019.

    As a new Student Ambassador, Lisa is excited to help both new and existing students through the process of pursuing their own dreams!

    Email her at Lisa.Malleck@pueblocc.edu.

    Student Ambassador - Samantha Martinez

    Samantha Martinez

    Sam is a Student Ambassador currently working on her Associates of Arts degree in History. She is hoping to transfer to Colorado State University after graduating from PCC in May 2019. Her goal is to become a historian as a future career, preferably one that travels. She is very patient with those looking for help as either new or returning students, and strives to make the admission process as easy and comfortable as possible. She looks forward to being able to help others looking for an education!

    Sam can be reached at Samantha.Martinez@pueblocc.edu.
    Veronica Moffitt

    Veronica Moffitt 

    Veronica was born and raised in Colorado and was homeschooled her whole life until she started college at an early age of 16. With this, she has seen the value of education and understands the importance of giving others the same opportunities PCC has given her. She understands that everyone learns differently and thinks PCC understands that too. She is currently earning an Associates in Studio Art and hopes to transfer to continue her education in art. “One person can affect your experience and education path so much; I hope I can be a person who makes that experience awesome.” With a great love for art and different forms of expression, her goal is to support others in their journeys for success. 

    Feel free to contact Veronica at Veronica.Moffitt@pueblocc.edu.