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    Massage Therapy Clinic
    Hours vary by semester.

    To make an appointment call: 719-549-3083

  • Pueblo Community College’s Massage Therapy Student Clinic is an educational facility where students provide massages - at a low cost - under the supervision of licensed massage therapists.

    The Clinic is an integral part of the Massage Therapy Curriculum. The general public and PCC staff, faculty, and students are invited to participate the students' classroom learning experience!

    There are 2 massage therapy clinics offered during the year: one held in the spring semester and the other during the summer semester.


            1 hour session is $25.00
            90 minute session is $35.00
            1 hour deep tissue massage is $40.00

    Why get a massage?

    • Improve your ability to cope with stress
    • Release your muscle tension and pain
    • Relieve your lower backache
    • Enhance your sleep
    • Increase your energy level
    • Stay well
    • Enjoy an enhanced mood