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  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Hygiene Program Application Information


    • Students need to complete 4 of the 8 general education courses by the end of the fall semester (2 of the 4 must be the required science courses). For application, the student must have all fall grades submitted and demonstrate evidence of enrollment in at least 2 additional courses in the spring semester; with the final 2 courses being completed in the summer. It is recommended that the student complete as many courses as possible prior to the application deadline of February 1, as points are awarded for courses completed.
    • All applicants must have a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA
    • Students are highly encouraged to meet with a PCC Dental Hygiene Faculty. Evaluation of courses can be completed using an unofficial transcript during the advising appointment. 


    Applicants will receive points during the application process in the following areas: 

    • GPA- 50 points (minimum 2.7 GPA-higher GPA = more points awarded)
    • Completion of General Education Requirements-32 points (Only the most recent course grade for each of the 8 general education requirements will be awarded points based on letter grade earned A=4 points, B = 3 points, C=2 points. Courses not completed but enrolled = 0 points.)
    • Additional category- 18 points (PCC student, work experience, credits completed, met with program faculty, dental hygiene observation
    • All eligible candidates will be required to attend an interview in person. No interviews by phone, skype, etc. Points awarded from the interview will be included in the overall consideration of the candidate. 


    • All applicants will be notified by letter of their interview status.  If the applicant is selected for an interview, the letter will indicate the interview date. Applicants are responsible for all travel, etc. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee the applicant will receive an interview. 
    • You will be required to submit:
      • All College/University unofficial transcripts (minimum 2.7 Cumulative GPA 
      • Dental Hygiene Program Application for current year.  
      • List of ALL college/universities attended
      • Signed copy of the Dental Hygiene Program Estimated Cost Information Sheet
      • Signed copy of PCC’s Dental Hygiene Program Policies on Infectious Diseases, and Infectious Disease Testing and Vaccination
      • Signed copy of PCC’s Dental Hygiene Program Essential Functions of a Dental Hygienist 
      • Signed copy of PCC’s Dental Hygiene Program Observation Form(s) 
      • Signed copy of PCC’s Dental Hygiene List of Disqualifying Offenses


    Once a student has been offered admission to the program, they will be required to submit OFFICIAL transcripts from all college/universities attended, showing completion of all required dental hygiene general education courses. Transcripts must be sent directly to Pueblo Community College from the college/university records department. Must request transcripts to be sent to the Pueblo Community College Records Department. They cannot be submitted by applicant.

    After students have been accepted to the Dental Hygiene Program, an application for Admission to Pueblo Community College will need to be submitted. You do not need to fill out the application if you are already attending Pueblo Community College or any other community college in Colorado. 

    The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), which is responsible for licensing dental hygiene personnel in Colorado, has varied restrictions, which may affect persons with a history of a felony conviction. The Pueblo Community College Department of Dental Hygiene assumes no responsibility for the denial of licensure by DORA. Prospective students are responsible for contacting DORA (303-894-7800) concerning any questions regarding their eligibility for licensure. PCC Dental Hygiene requires all students to successfully complete a drug screen and background check. Both must be complete once the student is notified of admission. See attachment for disqualifying offenses.