SENIOR FOCUS - classes for those 55 plus

The Community EducationTraining Divison offers a service to our senior community by providing classes taught at a comfortable pace by expert instructors.

For more information on classes or to register, please call (719) 549-3267


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  • We offer non-credit course for seniors, ages 55 and up, at a reduced rate.
  • The computer classes are structured so that the participants can become familiar with the computer and software programs at a comfortable pace.
  • Most classes include a book; check descriptions for specifics.
  • Come take a walk on the lifelong learning path in a fun and relaxing environment.



Become familiar with the computer, mouse and keyboard. This is a basic computer class for first time users!  Book is included in the course cost.



Learn to use Microsoft Word 2007 to create, edit, save and print documents. Basic knowledge of how to use the mouse and keyboard are required.  Book is included in the course cost,



Learn how to use electronic workbooks.  This basic class includes entering and editing text, values, formulas, creating forms, moving and copying text and inserting and deleting ranges, rows and columns.  Create a spreadsheet to log your medication or track your expenses.  Handout included in the cost.  Software not included.



Learn the basic anatomy of the digital camera and its functions as well as hot to use the camera to take pictures and save them on your computer or other storage device.  While this class is designed for absolute beginners, some basic knowledge of the computer is required.  Please bring your digital camera and owner's manual to class.  A jump drive is also recommended, but not required for saving your images to take home.  Book is included in the cost of the course.



Learn to edit computerized pictures of digital images and save them in the correct file format using the basic tools of Photoshop CS5 software.  Techniques such as cropping, correcting contrast and color, changing size and orientation and adding filters to enhance images will be covered.  Basic computer skills and knowledge of how to use the mouse and keyboard are requires to take this course. A jump drive is suggested. Book is included in the cost of the course.



Learn how to use electronic mail (e-mail) to stay in touch with your children, grandchildren, family and friends. We will show you how to create a free e-mail account and use it to create, send and receive messages using an Internet connection. Learn how to attach documents and pictures to e-mail messages, forward messages and manage the e-mail in your account. While the class is designed for beginners, some basic knowledge of the computer is required.  No book, handouts will be provided. 



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