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Referring students to Gateway to College

Students are referred to Gateway from many places including schools, community organizations, friends and family members. In order to apply to Gateway, students must be cleared through Pueblo City Schools as eligible for a dropout recovery program. This page outlines the steps for a Pueblo City Schools and Pueblo School District 70 staff member to refer students to Gateway to College. Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with our referral process.

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How to refer a student:

Step 1: Before referring a student, please review the eligibility requirements. If you have questions about eligibility and/or exceptions to the requirements, please contact us before referring a student.

Step 2: Complete the School District Student Referral Form.

Step 3: The student should bring a current copy of her/his transcript, a copy of their check out form and the Student Referral Form to the Gateway to College Office. This information can also be faxed to our office at 719-549-3133. When faxing information, please call our office to confirm we have received the documents.

NOTE: Referral from Pueblo City Schools does NOT guarantee student acceptance into the program. The Gateway to College Selection Committee makes all selection decisions.


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What happens after I refer a student?

  • Student should complete and submit the Gateway to College Application. Applications are available in most High School Counseling offices and from the Gateway to College office. Please contact us if your office needs additional copies of the application packet.
  • Student needs to reserve a spot for an information session. Following the Information Session, eligible students will be asked to complete a two day evaluation of skills to help determine placement. Students will complete reading, writing, grammar and math and ACCUPLACER assessments. Student should prepare for those assessments to receive the best scores.
  • Students scoring within the acceptance range on all assessments will be invited to participate in an interview with Gateway staff to better understand individual student’s strengths and challenges.
  • The Gateway to College Selection Committee will review all eligible applicants and make the final selection of students entering the program each semester and the slate of accepted students will be submitted to Pueblo City Schools for approval.    


Please contact us or see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site for more information.  


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