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  • Culinary Arts
  • Employer's Corner

    Our Graduates
    What can you expect when you hire a PCC graduate? Our program produces marketable professionals who display the following Student Learning Objectives:

    1. Manipulate recipes and formulas using weights and volume measurements with industry-specific tools and technology.
    2. Professionally demonstrate time management in an industry setting.
    3. Professionally demonstrate organization in an industry setting.
    4. Use technology common to industry settings in food service operations.
    5. Apply problem solving skills in a variety of customer service and industry settings.
    6. Demonstrate commitment to professional growth and interactions with guests and colleagues in industry settings.

    Certificates and training for your employees
    Our program offers the following nationally recognized certifications:

    • ServSafe® Food Safety Manager
    • ServSafe ® Alcohol
    • ManageFirst® Controlling Foodservice Costs
    • ManageFirst® Hospitality Human Resource Mgmt and Supervision
    • ManageFirst® Purchasing

    Form more information on providing training for your staff, please contact Mo.Montgomery@pueblocc.edu.

    ACF Certification
    All PCC Culinary Arts AAS graduates receive the designation of Certified Culinarian™ from the American Culinary Federation.

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