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    The CHEO Project

    Allied Health is projecting high employment demand in the coming decades, and employers are anticipating a large gap in technical talent. As a result of this growing demand for allied health professionals, community college programs across the country are filled to capacity. The Consortium for Healthcare Education Online, "CHEO" has been tasked to address these gaps. The CHEO Project is in place to help community college students develop the skills needed to secure viable and sustainable employment in the allied health fields. In partnership with North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO) the CHEO Consortium is introducing technology in introductory level science courses and allied health programming using open source software and a robotic interface which allows students to remotely control actual lab equipment. CHEO Career Coaches are working with Workforce and Employer Partners within the health care industry to identify areas of opportunity for our students.

    CHEO “Getting people back to work” 

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    is your one stop for learning more about the health industry and the careers that are available through CHEO programs.

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