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  • Distance Proctor
  • To Arrange Accuplacer Testing in your geographical area as the examinee, you will need to do the following:

    Find someone to proctor the Accuplacer exam in your area. Information about who can and who cannot proctor the exam is as follows*:

    The following people are allowed to proctor this assessment exam:

    • College or University Testing Center Employee
    • Public Library Employee
    • Military Base Education Center Employee
    • Clergy Member

    The following people are NOT allowed to proctor this assessment exam:

    • Relatives of the Examinee
    • Friends of the Examinee
    • Business Associates
    • Coworkers¬†

    Click here to view the Proctor Agreement for Remote Accuplacer.

    This proctor agreement must be completed by student and proctor (with payment) before test can be administered. For complete instructions, contact the Testing Center at Test_Center@pueblocc.edu.