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1.         TITLE OF COURSE:            Clinical Concepts of Psychiatric Care                           


            PREFIX/NUMBER:              PTE 170                                    Credit Hours:            3         


2.         PRE-REQUISITES:               PTE 110                                                                                 


            COREQUISITE:                    PTE 116                                                                                 


3.         REQUIRED TEXTS:             Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Concepts of Care, Townsend, F.A. Davis, latest edition

                                                            Psych Notes Clinical Pocket Guide, Pedersen, D., F.A. Davis, 2005

                                                            Supplemental Learning Guide:  PTE 170


4.                                                                     COURSE DESCRIPTION:

            Provides clinical application of theory and principles presented in PTE 116 through supervised clinical practice in a psychiatric care setting.


5.         COMPETENCIES:

                        Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:


A.        Demonstrate use of the steps of the nursing process in giving care to at least two (2) clients.


B.         Demonstrate use of appropriate therapeutic communication skills in working with individuals and groups.


C.        Identify actions and side effects of common psychotropic medications and apply precautions related to their administration/distribution.


D.        Apply principles of crisis intervention in working with troubled clients.


E.         Observe and participate in at least two (2) different groups (therapeutic, recreation, activity) in assigned clinical setting.



            Clinical Evaluation


                        A.        Students must receive a Satisfactory (S) rating in clinical to pass the course.  Clinical

                                    performance will be evaluated using the Clinical Evaluation Tool in the course

                                    Supplemental Learning Guide.  Students will also complete a self-evaluation. 

                        B.         In addition to receiving a satisfactory rating on the Clinical Evaluation Tool, students 

                                    must have an average of 76% on all clinical assignments in order to pass the course. 

                                    Clinical assignments include:


One Psychological Database                                                                 20% of grade


                                    Three (3) Interpersonal Process Recordings (IPR),

           (using format found in the course SLG).                                     60% of grade


                                    Two (2) Group Observation/Description,

           (using format found in the course SLG).                                     20% of grade


                        C.        Assignments are due on the dates specified on the Class Schedule and Assignment

                                    Due Dates.  Any assignment turned in late will receive a 10% deduction from the   

                                    original grade.


Teaching methods may include:  lecture/discussion, guest speakers, audio visual aids, demonstration/practice skill checks in lab, group presentations, case studies, and papers/bibliography cards.


            Special Remarks:

            It is the philosophy of the psychiatric technician faculty that students are adult learners. Conferences are available on request for enhancing theory comprehension, clinical interventions and test review.


A passing grade of 76% or above is necessary to pass the course. When a student has failed (less than 76%) or withdrawn from a course, the student is ineligible to continue in the program or until the course is repeated and a satisfactory grade is achieved.


For complete information regarding failure/continuation/readmission in the nursing program see Failure/Continuation/Readmission Policies in the Psychiatric Technician Student Handbook.


            Each exam grade will be calculated as a percent and carried out to the nearest hundredth. The final course grade will be rounded off to an even number.


            The tardiness policy as listed in the Psychiatric Technician Student Handbook will be followed.


            Punctuality is essential.  Students must report to the class/clinical site at or before the time designated for the experience.  In the case of tardiness, students are required to notify the instructor prior to the time scheduled for the class/clinical experience.


            Assignments/Missed Exams:  It is the student's responsibility, whether present or absent, to obtain all material presented and to complete all course assignments.  If prior arrangements are made or extenuating circumstances exist, makeup of tests may be allowed.  Late homework papers will not be accepted unless those same extenuating circumstances exist.  Makeup of quizzes is to be at the instructor's discretion.


7.         COURSE OUTLINE:


Unit I               Clinical Application of Theoretical Concepts


Unit II              Synthesis of All Aspects of Clinical Assignments



            To be successful in this course, students are expected to participate in discussions, readings, in-class writing, and peer review activities. The instructor may assign point values to such activities.



            The very nature of higher education requires that students adhere to accepted standards of academic integrity.  Therefore, Pueblo Community College has adopted a policy of academic conduct as described in the Student Handbook and outlined in the Psychiatric Technician Student Handbook.  Violation of academic integrity may be defined to include the following: cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, plagiarism and unauthorized collaboration, falsification, abuse of academic materials, and personal misrepresentation.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the behaviors that constitute academic dishonesty.  If an instructor determines that an act of academic/ clinical dishonesty has taken place, the student(s) will receive a zero for the test or assignment.  This grade penalty will result in a failing grade in lecture or clinical and dismissal from the program.  Conditions for readmission to the program may be specified by the Department Chair/Coordinator.


10.       ADA NOTICE:

            Students who have a documented disability may be eligible to receive accommodations for this class. Please contact the Disability Resources Center at 549-3446 for further information.