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What is i-Grad?
PCC is restructuring the way it conducts its basic skills English, math and reading classes for new students under its new i-Grad initiative (an acronym for I Gained Relevant Academic Development). In essence, classes are being combined or integrated to enable students to take fewer basic skills classes (less credits, less cost) and to give them exit points to shorten their educational path (less time). Examples are math classes being combined and aligned with career paths while reading and English courses might be integrated. New students should discuss their options when they meet with their advisors. In the future, it is anticipated that the iGrad will be expanded to include general education courses in a step-by-step format.

i-Grad Course - MAT 095
Students needing to take MAT 121 for their associate degree should register for the i-Grad course MAT 095 starting with PCC’s 2013 spring semester, with the prerequisite being MAT 045 or MAT 060 or an Accuplacer score of EA 45-60. MAT 095 is a 5-credit class that replaces MAT 090 (4 cr) and MAT 099 (4 cr), thus saving the student 1 semester of time and 3 credit hours of tuition. All MAT 095 students are required to have a minimum spec laptop computer. Students can provide their own laptop that meets PCC’s minimum specs or they may purchase a laptop from the PCC Bookstore (see specs below). Those purchasing them from PCC will pick them up at the mandatory laptop training that will be held Jan. 10-11 in the Learning Center. Note that the training counts toward a student’s grade. Students will be expected to use the laptop in class in each class period, and all assignments and exams will make use of the them via MyLabsPlus. The laptops will not be used exclusively for Mat 095, but can be used in any PCC course.

i-Grad English Courses
CCR 092 (5-credit course) - Combines ENG 060, ENG 090 and REA 090. Passing this course makes students eligible to enroll in ENG 121.

CCR 094 (3-credit course) - Combines ENG 090, ENG 121, REA 060 and REA 090. Passing this course gives students credit for ENG 121.


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