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These Courses require Internet connection and specific browser settings. Please verify that you are using a supported browser and that your web settings are correct by clicking here:

PCC Online classes allow you the freedom of never having to visit a campus. As your home college, Pueblo Community College will transcribe your grades after you have finished the course.

When you apply to Pueblo Community College you will be given a Student ID and PIN. You will need these to access your course(s) and other information through Pueblo Community College's online information system. After approximately 48 hours needed to process your completed application you can then register for your courses.

Students enrolled in a PCC Online course should review the "Get Started Here" page on the right menu.

PCC Online Course Schedule: Click here for the current semester .


Online courses may be more convenient than having to go to a campus to take classes, however, they are not any easier and they require just as much study time. Additionally, you'll be learning on your own. No one will be around to remind you to take part in online discussions, to hand in assignments on time, or to study for a test instead of going out with family or friends. It will all be up to you!

To find out if online courses are a good fit for your learning preferences, study habits and lifestyle, take our quick self-quiz:  "Is Online Learning for Me?" 

E-Mail:  distance@pueblocc.edu
Toll Free at 1-888-642-6017

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