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  • myPCC eLearning
  • Learn Anytime. Learn Anywhere.

    Have you ever wondered what the benefits of eLearning are for you?

    • One of the benefits is flexibility. You never have to worry about being late for class and you don't have to worry about a dress code either. With today's hectic lifestyles, many people are finding it very hard to try and fit in anything extra into their schedules. It's important to you to have this flexibility and be able to control your schedule.

    • myPCC eLearning courses involve either limited or no attendance at the campus, depending on the class. Instead, these courses allow you to use a computer (at a place and time convenient for you) to access course content. In some cases, class meetings are conducted on the web as well. Your instructor may post examinations on the web or ask that you take them on site at the institution.

    PCC offers three options of distance course delivery:

    • Hybrid courses:  Two-way interactive classrooms to remote locations. Hybrid courses are a combination of online and classroom instruction. In a hybrid course, the amount of seat time spent in the classroom is reduced with online participation and media resources.

    • PCC Online Courses (internet based): PCC Online courses are developed and taught by PCC instructors.

    • CCCOnline (internet based): CCCOnline courses are a collaborative effort by all Colorado Community Colleges. There are a variety of sessions including 15 week courses and FastTrack 6 week courses. These courses are taught by instructors from the Colorado Community College System and transcripted through PCC.