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    Martha Simmons
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  • Leadership - When I think of leadership, many thoughts come to mind - selfless, confident, flexible, honesty, integrity and equality to name a few.  Many people think that leadership roles are individuals that are the most visible, such as supervisors, presidents, CEO’s pastors or managers.  In all reality, leaders come in many different forms, such as parents, grandparents, siblings, co-workers, friends and even people that you might have a casual five minute conversation with in the grocery checkout line or a daily quote or book.  

    Beginning in the fall 2014, PCC launched Year of the Leader, where everyone is encouraged to take on a leadership role.  PCC’s Year of the Leader Mission Statement is:  “To cultivate leaders within the PuebloCommunity College community through a comprehensive leadership experience andlearning opportunities.”  This leadership extends to students, staff, and faculty, community members, through any form, such as, an event, course, or program.  I’m excited to see what innovative ideas will develop to foster leadership within our institution.

    My goal is to engage in leadership opportunities/moments in my life on a daily basis and as chair of the PCC Alumni Association I challenge you to do the same.  Have conversations with your colleagues or around the dinner table at night with your family and ask each other if their day consisted of leadership and see where the conversation leads.


    David Siguenza, ‘12